Quality Processing Services

to banks of every size, worldwide

How we are different

Depend on us for a complete range of products for the banking industry and our focus of keeping it simple via our user-friendly browser interface. With Global Outsource Services as a partner, your operation can:

Increase overall efficiencies

Simplify IT and focus on your core business

Reduce Expenditures

Deliver customizable products and services

Reduce time to market

Ensure quality personalized service

Our Services

Global Outsource Services offers the complete scope of IT resources required to help banks meet the service commitments and varied needs of their customers while satisfying complex regulatory and legal requirements. To enhance and complement our core offerings, we maintain alliances with other service companies to ensure our customers have easy access to the total scope of services for their customers, including ATMs, Check Processing– -and more.

Facilities Management

GOS provides the personnel and manpower to actually run the customer’s IT core systems and provides the management and administrative support required to carry out the customer’s operation at their site or physical location.

Outsource Services

Global Outsource Services' corporate offices are in the city of Coral Gables, Florida with proximity to Miami's International Airport. The production facilities are located in Telefonica and Peak 10 with the recovery center in CenturyLink - all sites providing secure and resilient co-location facilities.


We offer our customer base a one-stop, turn-key solution with the flexibility to access the full portfolio of offerings or to select only those offerings best-suited to their individual needs and business model.

Operational Associate

As the operational associate of DATAPRO, we complete the circle of synergies necessary to maintaining a leadership position in servicing the banking industry - anywhere in the world.

Our structure allows a potential customer to outsource their entire IT operations to Global Outsourcing Services, or choose to license the product from DATAPRO and run their operations in-house.


Locations in Top Financial Cities Worldwide